Saturday, November 6, 2010

Roslyn Studio Update

So my band Roslyn and I have been hard at work at Sound of Music Recording Studios working on finishing our debut full length "On Display". Last Thursday we wrapped up about 95% of the guitar work and now it's on to vocals and perhaps a little tambourine and maybe keyboards. Here's a little vid that includes a few samples of our new songs. Four songs from the album have been released and are available for download on iTunes, enjoy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

System Upgrades

So recently the internal hard drive on my Power Mac G5 crashed along with all my programs including Pro Tools HD 7. Fortunately all my session files and samples are safe in my external LaCie drive. Even though I have all the original install discs and my iLok authorizations are updated, ask anyone who has had to do it, and they'll you that re-installing Pro Tools can be a pain in the ass. So I wasn't looking forward dealing with any of this and the fact that AVID phone tech support for HD costs $80 didn't help. You would think when you purchase a $12,000 system, tech support would be included after the first 6 weeks from the purchase date. I figured if I had to spend $80 on tech support I might as well just spend $250 and upgrade to Pro Tools 8. Anyways, this post isn't a review of software but I will say that 8.0 is pretty sweet. The added features have made my tracking sessions a bit smoother and users have raved about the new multiple 'playlist' layout as well as the color labeling in the mix window. Other upgrades include:
Antares Evo TDM 6.1
Steven Slate Digital Drum Trigger
Focusrite Liquid Mix HD

and I'm highly considering the SSL G-Channel Strip Plug-In TDM

Needless to say, I'm excited about all these upgrades. Change isn't always easy and can sometimes be stressful but I know I'm arming myself with the proper tools to be able to deliver a better overall recording & mix to my clients. Happy tracking


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little Boy

So a few weeks ago I got up in the middle of the night with some melody & lyric ideas. I used to never do that, and lost a lot of inspired moments because of it. But recently I've been messing with Garage Band & my Apogee ONE interface. Having it has allowed me to quickly lay down ideas in a matter of minutes. Since getting up in the middle of the night, getting dressed and driving 20 minutes to the studio to lay down an idea wasn't practical, I'm thrilled with my quick Macbook setup. Anyways, in a matter of minutes I had a basic idea of the guitar part recorded and the vocal melody plucked out also on guitar. The lyrics came instantly, I didn't have to look far for inspiration as any songwriters with kids would know. I took this idea to my good friend and local guitarist/producer/songwriter Dave from local band Conshafter. Knowing Dave's experience with using Reason, I knew he had the sounds I was looking for. So we recorded the guitars, programmed everything else and then I recorded my vocals on my own. Some of the singing and guitar plucking aren't perfect, but I kinda liked the personal feel of it. The idea is that I'm singing this to my boy, so having it over-polished just wouldn't have been appropriate. Enjoy!

Little Boy by PedroAida

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Lost Souls day 4 & input list/mic selection

Today we do acoustic guitar, tambourine and vocals. Probably a little editing of some other tracks and get mixes started. We're gonna need another day to finish up, but everything is sounding great so far and I can't wait to start the real mixing process. I'm really loving the way a C1000S sounds on a guitar cab. I usually pair an MXL V67 with a 57, but when I started pairing the 57 with a c1000S, I realized the C1000S provided the overall sound I needed on it's own. I used an Apex 435 on fiddle and loved it. I'm gonna stick with the Apex on acoustic guitar & vocals if the U-47 isn't available (Studio A gets first dibs). Here's my input list for this session, actually it's pretty much the same for most tracking sessions in Studio B at Sound of Music. All these go into my DigiDesign 96i I/O - 16 ins 2 outs. Pretty basic, that's how we roll in Studio B, go with what you got.

Kick - e602 - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor - dbx215 eq
Snare - SM57 - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor
Rack - e604 - Amek Angela board
Floor - e604 - Amek Angela board
OH L - V67 - Amek Angela board
OH R - V67 - Amek Angela board
Hi Hat - SM81 - Amek Angela board
Kit - Apex - Focusrite isa 428 - DBX 166 compressor
Bass - DI - Amek Angela board - DBX comp
Bass - Sans - Amek Angela board - Distressor
Elec gtr - C1000S - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor
Acs gtr - Apex - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor - dbx215 eq
Vocals - Apex - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor - dbx215 eq
Tambo - Apex - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor - dbx215 eq

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Website Up!

Ok so it's just a temporary solution to not having a website at all, but it's got the essentials: bio, song samples, gear list, client list, contact form etc... Eventually I will have a real badass website, someday.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Voice-Over work & TLS at The National

Tomorrow I'll be back at Sound of Music Recording Studios to continue voice-over work for Personal Running Trainer. I've had the pleasure of translating their running workouts into Spanish, as well as reciting them. If you want more info check out the link. Right after that I'll be heading out to The National Theater to go see my friends The Lost Souls. I'm currently working on their next album over at SoM, which has involved lots of beer & fine Colombian rum thanks to my South American compadre and TLS guitarist Paulo Franco. I'll be shooting a little video of the session as we go along so check back here to see them. I'm out!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

D.C. United player appearance photos

Like I posted previously, D.C. United players Bryan Namoff & Carey Talley made an appearance at West Broad Volkswagen Audi. It was a beautiful day out and everyone had a good time. My friend Richard's daughter Ruby participated in a contest and even won an autographed ball. It was great to meet the players and other D.C. United fans from the area. Here are some photos, for the rest go to the flickr set.
Namoff & Talley

Friday, July 2, 2010

I can make Olsen giggle

D.C. United player appearances in RVA

Tomorrow at West Broad Volkswagen, D.C. United players Bryan Namoff & Carey Talley will be putting on a soccer clinic & signing autographs from 11am - 2pm. Since I am a huge D.C. United fan, my family and I will be attending along with some other supporters I know in the area. If that's not enticing enough for you, there will be free burgers & hot dogs! Everyone loves free food! Hope to see you there! - Pedro

First Post

So this is the first post. Here we go!