Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Lost Souls day 4 & input list/mic selection

Today we do acoustic guitar, tambourine and vocals. Probably a little editing of some other tracks and get mixes started. We're gonna need another day to finish up, but everything is sounding great so far and I can't wait to start the real mixing process. I'm really loving the way a C1000S sounds on a guitar cab. I usually pair an MXL V67 with a 57, but when I started pairing the 57 with a c1000S, I realized the C1000S provided the overall sound I needed on it's own. I used an Apex 435 on fiddle and loved it. I'm gonna stick with the Apex on acoustic guitar & vocals if the U-47 isn't available (Studio A gets first dibs). Here's my input list for this session, actually it's pretty much the same for most tracking sessions in Studio B at Sound of Music. All these go into my DigiDesign 96i I/O - 16 ins 2 outs. Pretty basic, that's how we roll in Studio B, go with what you got.

Kick - e602 - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor - dbx215 eq
Snare - SM57 - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor
Rack - e604 - Amek Angela board
Floor - e604 - Amek Angela board
OH L - V67 - Amek Angela board
OH R - V67 - Amek Angela board
Hi Hat - SM81 - Amek Angela board
Kit - Apex - Focusrite isa 428 - DBX 166 compressor
Bass - DI - Amek Angela board - DBX comp
Bass - Sans - Amek Angela board - Distressor
Elec gtr - C1000S - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor
Acs gtr - Apex - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor - dbx215 eq
Vocals - Apex - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor - dbx215 eq
Tambo - Apex - Focusrite isa428 - Distressor - dbx215 eq

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