Sunday, October 24, 2010

System Upgrades

So recently the internal hard drive on my Power Mac G5 crashed along with all my programs including Pro Tools HD 7. Fortunately all my session files and samples are safe in my external LaCie drive. Even though I have all the original install discs and my iLok authorizations are updated, ask anyone who has had to do it, and they'll you that re-installing Pro Tools can be a pain in the ass. So I wasn't looking forward dealing with any of this and the fact that AVID phone tech support for HD costs $80 didn't help. You would think when you purchase a $12,000 system, tech support would be included after the first 6 weeks from the purchase date. I figured if I had to spend $80 on tech support I might as well just spend $250 and upgrade to Pro Tools 8. Anyways, this post isn't a review of software but I will say that 8.0 is pretty sweet. The added features have made my tracking sessions a bit smoother and users have raved about the new multiple 'playlist' layout as well as the color labeling in the mix window. Other upgrades include:
Antares Evo TDM 6.1
Steven Slate Digital Drum Trigger
Focusrite Liquid Mix HD

and I'm highly considering the SSL G-Channel Strip Plug-In TDM

Needless to say, I'm excited about all these upgrades. Change isn't always easy and can sometimes be stressful but I know I'm arming myself with the proper tools to be able to deliver a better overall recording & mix to my clients. Happy tracking