Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recording Tips: How to get a fantastic drum sound

I'm always reading these recording blogs or websites telling you how to get a great drum sound. They'll go over everything from drum tuning, mic placement, editing tricks, room treatment, outboard gear etc. But they always seem to leave out one thing I find the absolute most important element when tracking live drums: A GREAT FUCKING DRUMMER.

Maybe if you're a hotshot engineer in L.A. or Nashville that's probably a given. But if you're someone with a modest project studio or a young assistant learning the ropes (which is the demographic of these "tips & tricks" blogs) none of that advice is relevant without a solid drummer behind the kit. You could put a bad drummer behind an excellent kit with top of the line mic selection in a great room through a vintage Neve console and it won't be worth a turd compared to a fantastic drummer in a modest project studio.

Now what makes a great drummer is purely subjective depending on what you're looking to achieve, so I'll leave that discussion up to you. That's my $.02 ...for now at least

"And that's all I have to say about that" - Forrest Gump

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